We are in Sicily, on the hills overlooking the Gulf of Castellammare.

We live and work among the hills overlooking the sea and the mountains, in a beautiful setting of vineyards and olive groves, orchards and arable land.

It is a red, iron land, green with grass in winter and brown with sun in summer. We have been its custodians for more than eighty years and for four generations.
Each generation has given its own, with desires to escape and return, starting from great-grandfather Salvatore who bought it in the thirties of the last century to get to the generation of great-grandchildren who have returned here attracted by the beauty and strength of the countryside.

We have been working organically for more than 30 years, always trying to go one step further in preserving the biodiversity and fertility of our soils.
Respect is the word through which we like to talk about our work and our products:

  • Respect for nature, the land and the plants that we find ourselves guarding
  • Respect for the raw material, such as grapes and olives, when we transform it leaving it the space to express itself at its best
  • Respect for those who work with us and for those who consume our products knowing that they can have confidence in what we do.

We produce oil, wine, vinegar, fruit and vegetables.



Phone:+39 3287596576


Contrada Bosco Falconeria, snc
90047 Partinico (Pa)
  • The wines

from indigenous grapes Catarratto and Nero d’Avola. They are the result of spontaneous fermentation and winemaking respectful of the grapes and the characteristics of the vintage.

  • The vinegars

come from these same wines. They are created by slow static oxidations in oak and chestnut barrels, starting from the mother vinegar that the family has been handing down for years.

  • The oil

from olive trees of various ages. It is a blend of Biancolilla, Cersuola and Nocellara, the most representative local varieties.

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