Borgogno Rivata winery was born from the common ideals of two brothers-in-law, Massimo and Alberto, and from the fusion of their respective companies and two territories, Langhe and Roero, both known for they secular wine-making history.

A young winery, focused on the production of quality wines without the constraints of the centuries-old tradition: development and innovation converge in the bottle in order to give life to new wines, with the help of lands historically suited to wine production.


The basis for a quality production is laid in the vineyard

The goal of our work is first of all to harvest healthy and ripe grapes with excellent organoleptic characteristics. To this end we believe in the potential of traditional methods, if combined with a constant openness to innovation and development.

The young age of our company and the consequent identity to be built allow us to experiment and create a new way of “making wine”.
In the vineyard we follow the disciplinary of integrated pest management, the directive that allows to obtain a product almost free of chemical residues.

As of the 2018 harvest, our vineyards are SQNPI certified, the acronym for “Sistema Qualità Nazionale di Produzione Integrata” (National Quality System of Integrated Production), an achievement that allows us to guarantee consumers a healthy and sustainable product.


Phone:+39 3663180873


Località Sotteri, 4
12050 Guarene (CN)