Borgo delle Mele was born almost by chance in Costabeorchia, a small, almost forgotten village nestled in the Val d’Arzino, a pristine valley overlooking the Tagliamento river in the heart of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Matilde was born in 2008, and the first apple tree was planted with her.

Almost thirty, today, the kilometers between one orchard and another, necessary to create apple orchards of native varieties whose quality can be seen from the plant itself. Thanks to these varieties certified by 20 years of university studies, the Borgo delle Mele company can select the apples to be used based on the aroma of the final product, in order to respect the single favor and obtain something with its own personal taste, a balance that needs to be adjusted every time, because the raw material it is each time slightly different in flavor and yield.

Borgo delle Mele products are aimed at an attentive and aware public of what they consume, who prefers genuine and traditional things, which have a great propensity for the natural.

The secret lies in the use of genuine and top quality products, respecting the seasonality of the fruits, strictly hand-working procedures, respecting the natural times of fruits and vegetables, in non-mechanical procedures that would alter the taste.

The wide range of Borgo delle Mele brand products is born from the desire to do, to learn and always innovate. This is how the products based on Ancient Apples of Alto Friuli – Slow Food Presidium since September 2017, Apples, Apples and fruit as well as Onion from Cavasso and Val Cosa – Slow Food Presidium, see the light.

A natural range, of the highest quality, untreated, meticulously cared for, because we are the first users of our own product.


Phone:339 4299867


Via General Cantore, 50 A
33094 Pinzano al Tagliamento (PN)
cavasso and valcosa onion

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alto friuli heirloom apples

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Limited Edition

  • Old Apple Juice (Slow Food Presidium)

Old Apple Juice is obtained from the cold pressing of fresh Old Apples harvested by hand at the right point of ripeness. We use a mixture of different varieties of Native Old Apples to obtain a juice that preserves all the aroma and the precious organoleptic characteristics of the fresh apple just caught.

SIZE: magnum 1,5l, bottle 0,75l, bar line 0.20 lt

  • Cavasso and Val Cosa Onion Slow Food Presidium in Sweet and Sour

The Cipolla di Cavasso e della Val Cosa, Slow Food Presidium of Friuli Venezia Giulia is an ecotype characterized by a round bulb and crushed at the poles. It has a white color inside and with veiling of the tunics ranging from a redder shade to Cavasso and a more pinkish one in the Val Cosa. Aromatic and endowed with particular sweetness, this onion is suitable to be consumed even raw.
Perfect in appetizers and to accompany roasts, boiled meats and fried fish.

SIZE: 280 gr, 560 gr

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