Bonfatti was founded in 1947 and is based in Renazzo di Cento, a small town in the heart of Emilia Romagna, the crossroads of the three provinces of Bologna, Modena and Ferrara.

Since its origins it has produced typical Emilian cured meats such as mortadella, Salame Rosa and Coppa di testa, which summarize Bonfatti’s way to Emilian charcuterie art. The range is characterized by the craftsmanship that touches all stages of processing.

Bonfatti is part of Negrini Salumi, whose founder – Angelo Negrini (Order of Merit for Labor) born in 1905 in a small town in the Bolognese countryside – began the production of mortadella and salami in a small laboratory in Renazzo di Cento, still home to the company, which has developed and modernized over the decades but with a production philosophy strongly oriented towards craftsmanship and typicality, a philosophy that still distinguishes Bonfatti’s products.

Mortadella Classica is the most representative and historically most important product for Bonfatti and very noble cuts of meat are used to produce it such as shoulder and bacon, as well as other genuine and natural ingredients. The result is that of a product with a lighter pink color, less intrusive aromas, a strong fleshy flavor, great lightness and excellent digestibility.

In addition to mortadella, another typical product of the Emilian tradition is the Salame Rosa that Bonfatti produces by choosing the best cuts such as shoulder and ham which, after being reduced to small pieces, are salted and stuffed into bladders, the product is then cooked in stoves of mortadella.


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