More than twenty years spent in the Far East, especially in China, the home of tea, have aroused in me – Edoardo Barbero – a great curiosity for the most popular drink in the world. Its history, its rites and its splendid gardens immediately fascinated me and this is how BioTea was born: a selection of fine teas from crops where processing is still carried out according to traditional methods, where no pesticides and chemicals are used.
Our mission is to make the customers know the beneficial and therapeutic properties of Tea with the certainty of offering a high quality product is our mission.

Why to choose BioTea:
All of our teas come from mountain crops, or in any case located far from industrial areas, where no pesticides and synthetic chemicals are used. All batches are analyzed before and after import by certified Italian laboratories and the analyzes must confirm the complete absence of chemical residues. All in our teas are directly imported by us, and pass strict health checks at Italian customs, BioTea does not sell products of other Italian or foreign importers.

Biotea personally knows the origin of all the teas processed as well as all the small producers from where it gets its supplies, “special friends” who believe in the concept of naturalness and respect for tradition and nature.

The processing of the leaves is carried out in a healthy and protected environment, in laboratories adjacent to the places of cultivation. The packaging takes place in a protected environment in a modern certified factory, of which BioTea has a direct participation.

The fact that we know everything about our products and manufacturers proudly gives us the certainty of always bringing the highest quality without any compromise in our consumers’ cups. Passion turns into quality and safety.




Via Statale 10/c
12069 Santa Vittoria d'Alba (CN)

Our teas are available in:

  • Loose in bags
  • Loose in cans
  • Filters
  • Pressed formats.

The tea used for our Biofilters is exactly the same that we sell in bulk, we bring it in the filter without compromise. The filters are produced with completely natural and biodegradable corn fiber.

Types of tea:

  • White
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Oolong
  • Black
  • Puerh
  • Jasmine

Last modified: 29 May 2022
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