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The Bioclin Dermonatural Laboratory, a sustainable brand of dermocosmetics from the Ganassini Institute, emerged from over seventy years of research in the field of dermocosmetics. In the Bioclin Research Laboratories nature meets science and the most advanced technologies, resulting in excellent products formulated from natural, biodegradable active ingredients designed for the well-being of the skin and hair. Every ingredient used is subjected to rigorous testing, with traceability and superior quality guaranteed by the Designation of Origin.

The importance of the raw materials used and the rediscovery of green value are also reflected in the choice of FSC-certified packaging, which is made from recycled and recyclable plastics: every choice made by the company, and every stage of production, is based on abandonment of the superfluous and meticulous care of the essential, with the promise of increasingly sustainable, high-performance products.

The project
Bioclin Dermonatural Laboratory has risen to the challenge of sustainability by engaging in a fruitful collaboration with the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity Onlus, through direct support to its Presidia.

This has enabled us to support small traditional farms, develop ancient territories, crafts and processing techniques and safeguard native species of vegetables and fruit.
This is because, through a system of recovery and requalification of waste materials from the food industry, the raw materials are chosen from selected local suppliers belonging to the Slow Food presidia circuit.

These are processed using a gentle, water-based extraction process to obtain preparations rich in active ingredients that can be used in all cosmetic formulations. No chemical solvents are used, further increasing the level of safety of these low-environmental-impact products.




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Bioclin Bio-Essential Orange hair & shower gel
With the support of the citrus fruits Slow Food Presidium in Gargano, the organic blood oranges processed for the production of fruit juice are recovered and an organic, eco-sustainable water is extracted from them using a physical extraction process that takes place without affecting the trace elements and functional phytochemical active ingredients of the oranges. Phylcare Acquae Red Orange Bio 99% is thus included in the Bio-Essential Orange formulation, giving rise to an eco-sustainable, biodegradable cleanser for hair and body enriched with precious essential oil of orange.

Bioclin Bio-Hydra moisturising treatment for hair
In the agricultural land that forms the slopes of Etna, in what is now a Natural Park, four ancient varieties of apples are grown. The Cola, white and freckled, the Gelato, very sweet and straw-coloured, the Gelato Cola, with features intermediate between the first two, and finally the Cirino (of which there are now very few plants), with a cerulean peel and diffuse, reddish veins.

Bioclin has decided to protect this valuable pomological biodiversity, supporting a small farmer and his local cultivation: this is how a Bioclin plantation with 100 new fruit trees arose, thus greatly helping to enhance these native varieties. As they grow, the trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and produce oxygen, helping to improve the air we all breathe. The apples not destined for sale are then reused for the extraction of the active ingredients used in the Bio-Hydra line.



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