Do you remember that occasion you’ve tasted a liqueur of herbs and you thought: “It’s exactly the scent of these mountains”?

Pomaretto is a small mountain village in the Piedmont Alps, where two alpine valleys meet – the Germanasca Valley and the Chisone Valley.

Here the Bernard family produces handmade liqueurs with herbs and flowers of Alps. From 1902.


Phone:+39 012181227


Via Carlo Alberto, 20
Maestri del Gusto di Torino e provincia

Maestri del Gusto di Torino e provincia

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Just source water, flowers and herbs of Alpes.

So we make our liqueurs: Barathier, Genepi and Genepi Blanc, Rabarbaro, Genzianella, Serpoul, Abricot, Arquebuse.

The botanics we use come from the mountains around us. We pick herbs and flowers in the middle of their blossoming time. We let them to dry slowly and naturally with the air current of the Alps, coming from the Germanasca torrent flowing just beneath our windows. We put them in infusion into spring water and European wheat alcohol.
Quietly. With naturalness. Without adding flavorings, synthetic or natural.
Nothing more…

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