We believe in the search for quality and in the enhancement of local products.

Our being artisans is the guarantee of typical flavors, of the unique taste of Ligurian tradition, of the passion we put in our work.

Father Sergio, originally from Borzonasca, came from a very humble family and already at the age of 11 he was sent to work in a bakery in Serravalle Scrivia. He began his story as a baker, which is also the story of our family.

Working in various bakeries, learning new techniques, his passion grew until he took over a bakery in Borgonovo Ligure, his first business on his own in 1966. His first bakery was fed with the shells of hazelnuts grown on the terraced hills, a great resource for our hinterland.


Since then our history was intertwined with that of the Chiavari Mixed Hazelnuts, whose processing represents one of the main activities of our company today. We, the children, are continuing a tradition of work, passion and taste, specializing in pastries, baked goods and Ligurian gastronomy.

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