1500 total acres (600 hectares), 275 of which (110 hectares) planted to vines, 100 (40 acres) to olive groves, the rest woods and wheat fields. Rural hospitality in old stone farm houses, perfectly restructured and decorated, which can sleep a total of 120 persons.
These are the numbers of a complex winery, but one which the Gaslini Alberti family guides and manages with the commitment and professionalism of true entrepreneurs of wine, exactly what they are.

One of the principal assets of the winery are the quality of its vineyards (mainly Sangiovese), fruit of the new generation which was planted in the late 90s and early 00s, i.e. those with clones, vine density, and training systems matched to the sites and soils of the wines intended to be produced. Today they are at the top of production and the results are tangible.

The decisions on the management of the vineyards aim at the maximum respect for the delicate balance which nature, over time, has created in this spot. The basis of the work us the so-called Integrated Defense which consists of a limited use of sulfur and copper to combat vine diseases, and the use no more than two or three times per year of substances which enter into the vine’s circulatory system. Leaf removal has replaced the use of anti-rot and anti-mould preparations, and weed killers are utilized only when absolutely indispensableFertilizers are solely organic, calf and lamb manure, and the pruning is done with electrical shears recharged with the photovoltaic energy produced directly by the estate.

The cellars enjoy an apparatus of plant purification of its water which can then be utilized for irrigation and washing. Cellar practices aim at a minimization of fining agents and, in any case, those which could transmit allergies (those based on milk or eggs) are never used. Sulfites are also reduced to a minimal use thanks to the aging of the wines – aging either in oak or stainless steel –  on their fine lees in order to assure a natural protection against oxidation.

In addition to Sangiovese, the Tuscany terroir offer excellent growing condition to grapes such as Cabernet, Syrah, and Merlot, which produce wines of much personality. There are no science-fiction types of gadgets in the cellars, only equipment which effectively serves for the purpose of extracting the maximum which the vineyard has been able to transmit to the grapes.

The Badia a Morrona is a very important productive reality for the province of Pisa both in terms of the property’s economic significance and of the wines themselves. It is a responsibility which Gaslini Alberti family is well aware of. And for this reason they have decided that the symbol of the estate will be the family coat of arms itself: for they will guarantee for consumers the quality of the production – either wine, olive oil, or the reception of guests in the cellars and in the rural hospitality facilities.




Via del Chianti, 6
56030 Terricciola (PI)

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