Can the sweetness of a territory be evoked? For us in B. Langhe, work has begun every day with this question since 1977, and we always try to give it an answer as if it were the very first time. What we want to give each time is the spirit of a land which has a sense for recognising good things and things that are made well.

At the centre of our world is Alba, an Italian gourmands’capital. Here we were born and you find us here still. All around us are the Langhe, a precious treasure trove of harmony and knowledge, recognised as a Unesco World Heritage site.

It all began a long time ago, far from the bright lights, in the shelter of an artisan laboratory, where the secrets of the art of confectionery are handed down through the generations. These were the Seventies, and B. Langhe was a small biscuit manufacturer with a street-front in one of the central streets of Alba. Perseverance and the will to work, a marked creativity and an entrepreneurial courage led this little workshop to become a very solid company which exports its products worldwide.


Phone:+39 0173 288500


Strada Basse, 7/c
12051 Alba (CN)

An exquisite collection of delights from a land full of goodness: Sweet truffles, Cuneesi, Tarocco, Spreads, Capricci and Panettone…

Choosing has never been so sweet.

Last modified: 19 Jan 2022
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