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Le Fontacce, a typical Tuscan farm surrounded by olive trees, is situated on the hills at the slopes of the Pratomagno mountain. You can reach the farm driving along the Seven Bridges Road, the ancient Etruscan Cassia Vetus, from which You can admire an enchanting view on the Arno Valley. The valley which is in front of the Chianti hills, is characterized by the presence of the prehistorical cliffs, known as “le Balze”.

Our company Le Fontacce  was founded in 2008 from an existing farm which was built in XIX century; its products are all organic and  certified.

We cultivate olive trees, legumes, saffron and iris, with passion and respect for our traditions.


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Via setteponti ponente n° 34
52024 Loro Ciuffenna (AR)
zolfino bean

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italian extra virgin olive oil

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Organic Zolfino Bean: the Zolfino Bean reveals the nobility and the pride of its origins in the hills around the Seven Bridges Road and the valley floor, welcomed by the thin soil of the cliffs.

The Zolfino Bean owes its name to its pale yellow color, similar to the sulfur; it has a round shape and its texture is creamy and exceptionally tasty. This bean doesn’t require to be soaked, it can be cooked in a crock-pot or even better in a flask  for at least three hours. Served with extra virgin olive oil, it offers an irreplaceable combination that can satisfy the most refined palate.

Traditionally it is sown on the hundredth day of the year, also known as “Giorno del Cento”. Its growing is strictly conditioned by the climate and it often produces a restricted harvest, that’s why its cultivation in the past was almost abandoned, preferring beans with a higher yeld. Actually it is safe from the extintion and its seeding and harvest are protected by a producers association. From 2018 the Zolfino Bean becomes Presidio Slow Food.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: our olive groves are cultivated on the antique dry-stone walls which characterize the landscape and are built to support the hill. Their regular structure is fundamental for the health of the olive trees, contributing on the production of a good quality extra virgin olive oil.

Our property, situated at an elevation of 400 meters, includes 3000 trees of different botanical variety (above all Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino olives). The olive trees are cultivated with green manure and certified natural fertilizer; the wild grass around the trees, once it is cut, is left on the ground to increase the soil quality with organic substances and to restrict the loss of soil water.

For a better condition of the trees and for a constant production of olives, every year we prune our plants. The harvest of olives starts in October when they begin to get ripened. This process is made with specific electrical tools and nets, then to avoid the oxidation they’re brought immediately at the olive oil mill. Olives are pressed at low temperature with a continuous cycle system, the extracted extra virgin olive oil is immediately filtered and put inside stainless still containers in inert gas atmosphere to mantain the taste and the smell of the freshly pressed oil.

The farm, starting from October 2018, has its own private olive oil mill, in this way the production process of extra virgin olive oil is better and faster. It allows to press the olive on the same day of the harvest, avoiding olive oxidation – the process that begins when olives are harvested by the trees – and maintaining unchanged characteristics until the pressing process. The result is a first quality extra virgin olive oil, which maintains better its single smell and vitamins.

The production scarps of the olive oil mill are good resources for the farm. The pomace, which is the remaining part of olive pulp obtained by the pressing process, is brought back to the olive grove as an excellent natural fertilizer for the soil. Regarding the olive pits, they are used for heating the water and the farm buildings.

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