ARMATO CRISTINA - Produttori dal 1870

Pleased to meet you: my name is Cristina and together with my husband, Adriano Blengini, I live in Lucinasco, a small, enchanting village surrounded by olive groves, inland from Imperia, where we carry on the Devia family business with the help of my grandparents Silvana and Silvano.

We have to go back to the second half of the 19th century to trace the origins of our oil production. A simple family, whose constant help allows us to obtain the right combination of tradition and innovation, so as to propose in a new way an ancient product, which has made our history: the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taggiasca.

It is thanks to the enormous work of previous generations – full of rigour, hard work, sweat, but above all respect for the majestic olive tree and its territory – that we can now offer a product of “truly” superior quality, an oil that you cannot describe in words but that you have to taste.

Since 2016, we have recovered Adriano’s olive trees and put about 1000 plants into production.

In October 2018 we bought our own two-stage oil mill. An environmentally friendly choice, because it requires little water. In addition, a simple centrifuge separates the pomace into sludge and stone, which is then used for heating instead of pellets.

We are ONAOO members and this allows us to refine our tasting techniques and learn about the world’s oils.

Both Adriano and I are open to and curious about collaborating and allowing people to get to know our wonderful hinterland, and together with 15 operators we have set up the 360Liguria group, which will give tourists the chance to take part in various initiatives such as olive picking, wine tasting, fishing tourism, etc.

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