It was thanks to my husband Franco Schellino that in 1989 I decided to give up my job as a graphic designer and return home, taking up the old vines planted by my grandfather, learning how to prune and tie them, working with him and my parents for years in the vineyard.

Franco has a sensitivity towards plants and animals that I don’t think I’m wrong in describing as very rare, such that he understands every secret to improve their well-being.

He doesn’t talk much, but if you have the patience and attention to observe him at work he expresses all the love and respect he has for the land and working with him is a privilege I have had over the years.

After many years spent on these hills, practising this difficult profession, I can say that I don’t have great certainties; the numerous variables that there are in wine production still change every year and the wine market has become very complex. One of the few certainties, apart from our great passion, is certainly our land. These hills are truly a magnificent place to produce high quality wines and I believe they would be able to give us excellent wines even if we planted the so-called “international vines”. What adds value is the stubbornness of the winegrowers who continue to support the classic traditional grape varieties, with Dolcetto at the top, followed by Barbera and, to a lesser extent, Nebbiolo.



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Last modified: 23 May 2022
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