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Our saffron has been the first cultivated by organic method in our country. Our dream is to recover the tradicional crops and local tradition of our forefathers, who harvested the saffron in our village like a means of sustenance and work; well, it’s exactly what we have done again, in order to avoid the depopulation of our villages and the abandonment of the crops.

The cultivation of saffron has always been handmade: we select carefully the bulbs, pick up the flowers at the right time, and in the same day we remove the petals and roast the pistils slightly. All this process is artisanal. For all this reasons, we can offer an eco-saffron, with the highest properties: color, taste and smell.

One of the main objectives of our firm is the care the environment, that’s why we don’t use chemical fertilizers, we let the land rest and recover itself after a period of cultivation. We take advantage of the climatic factors of our region to obtain a high-quality product, because it is under hard climatic condition, and support temperatures between –15 and 40ºC, not all the harvests can support this climatic stress, but the saffron does. It makes possible to get a high concentration, and consequently the highest quality in our saffron. 

Our products have certifications and recognitions, which guarantee their qualityArtesanía Alimentaria de Aragón (food crafts), Prize Salón del Gusto Gourmet 2013, Mensa Cívica, ECO Agriculture UE, Comité Aragonés Ecological Agriculture, Vegetarian Product European Vegetarian Union. 

To enhance the saffrons properties, we have developed some derived products, which together form the perfect match to offer a real delicatessen: chocolate, cheese, honey, saffron liqueur, Ibiza sea water with saffron and capsule of dietary supplement, taking advantage of the antidepressant property of saffron, that have been confirmed in some studies and researches. 

Our business culture implies the offering of a good, clean and fair product, that will be reflected in our long business relationship with the customers. 




Corazon de Maria, 14
44314 TERUEL (Teruel)
jiloca saffron

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Here you can see how we give new life to our land, recovering the traditional saffron harvest. It is very inspiring to look at the pictures of our ancestors, compare them with our current crops and know that we are achieving our goals, inviting our neighbourhoods to come back to our roots.

As a result, we get the best saffron: excellent in flavor and color.

Last modified: 22 Jan 2022
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