Hello everyone, and welcome to our showcase of Eden Corsica.

We are master students at the University of Corsica and are passionate about the unique culture of our island.

For this reason, to promote the products of the island and the know-how of our craftsmen, we are also part of the association I giranduloni. This year we want to highlight the products created and inspired by our endemic plants, so that everyone can discover Corsica’s unique flavours and scents.

From gastronomy to cosmetics, the Corsican craftsmen do not lack inspiration or materials for their creations! Discover quality products, while respecting the values of slow food and slow cosmetics, let yourself be transported by the Corsican flora …

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Bâtiment Desanti – Avenue du 09 Septembre, BP 52
20250 Corte - Corsica (Corsica)

Mireille and her husband François Ceccarelli, headfounded I tisori di Mimi, a small company that maintains its family atmosphere. Mireille Ceccarelli creates delicacies from Corsican products in the Cinarca Valley, in Calcatoggio : “My credo is the traditionnal fruit“.

In 2012, Their company gets a professional statut and become a genuine brand, yet it  focuses is on the authenticity of the raw materials and a craftsmanship acquired through years of practice! They are quickly successfull: their jams and quince pastes receive numerous awards.

In addition to these sweets, Mireille produces canistrelli, traditional Corsican dry cakes (aniseed, grapes, white wine, almonds, candied citron, hazelnut…), from the recipe of her mother who was from the village of Venaco. However, she doesn’t hesitate to shake up the codes by creating salty variants, i canisaliti, with insular flavors from the island (candied tomato -nepita, sheep’s tomme-prisuttu, herbs from the maquis…).

Although their recipes are diverse and varied, they all have one thing in common: to make everyone who tries them discover an unforgettable taste.



Founded in 1985 in Soveria, a small mountain village near Corte, this establishment created by Marcel Santini is specialized in the production of different kinds of nougat, as well as candied fruit, caramel and fruit paste. The reputation of their confectionery has spread far beyond the shores of the island of beauty and throughout the world.

High standarts, accuracy and the permanent search for perfection are the foundations of the establishment. Marcel Santini, by his know-how, product quality and diversity, have successfully collaborated with great Houses.
His daughter, Alexia Santini, joined the company in 2010 and specialized in chocolate, expanding the range of products offered. Growing up in her father’s confectionery business, it was only natural that she found an interest in quality confectionery. Coached by the greatest chocolate makers such as Gérard Gautheron, Patrick Roger or Pierre Hermé, Alexia offers a range of sweets whose pink and refined packaging is recognizable among a thousand: orangettes and coated candied fruits, small nougats, assortment of chocolates, everything is made in Corsica in an artisanal way.

Chic delicacies to offer and to offer oneself without moderation!



The brewery is located in Patrimonio. Since October 30, 2010, Pierre-François Maestracci has been the general manager. It is an organic beer cultivated, brewed and bottled in Corsica. The brewery has been part of the 10 best breweries in France according to the French newspaper “L’Express” and several of their beers have been awarded in various competitions.

The beer Ribella places all its know-how and it’s love of the terroir in the bottle, without adding artificial flavors. The brand uses 100% Corsican products by picking by hand the ingredients necessary to make the products: clementine, elichrysum, nepita (kind of marjoram of the Corsican maquis)…

As Pierre-François Maestracci says: “Not only do we grow our barley and hops at Patrimonio but we boost all the Corsican sectors by using other locals products”. Thus, by making its beers on the island, it promotes the circular economy.

Of course, the products are under the PGI, AOP / PDO and Bio label, which proves the brand focuses quality above all.

Assertive, original, generous flavors that leave no one indifferent!



Anthony Massei’s company, located in Ponte Leccia, was founded in 2017. Its activity is based on the production of distilled alcoholic products such as gin, rum, eaux de vie and liqueurs. 

The raw materials used to make their products all refer to Corsica: myrtle berries hand-picked from the maquis, chestnuts from the Fiumorbu, nepita and other wild aromatic herbs, hazelnuts and lemons from the eastern plains. 

Innovation, quality, creativity: unique products that highlight the ingredients bearing the PGI, PDO and sometimes organic labels. 

U Massiciu, an authentic distillery for a memorable tasting!



The name Circinella comes from Circinellu, a Corsican revolutionary who fought for his lands, Dumenicu Leca, whom Coralie d’Amore, the company’s creator, transformed and feminized to give birth to a cosmetics brand with an asserted Corsican identity.

Oils and balms for the body and face, whose spirit is clearly different from industrial products. Indeed, Coralie’s objective is to create natural and organic cosmetic products, which protect the ecosystem while putting the Corsican terroir in the spotlight. The company, which is located in Vico, in the valley of the two Sorru, favors “slow cosmetics” and a return to nature: “We have fabulous resources in Corsica, it would be a shame not to use them!»  says Coralie d’Amore, who works with other producers at the local level, thus contributing to the functioning of the circular economy.

Original Corsican fragrances and raw materials from organic and fair trade agriculture, to take care of yourself with confidence!



Coming from horticultural lands, Laetitia Straforelli wanted to follow this path and therefore trained in aromatherapy and more precisely in the endemic Corsican vegetation. Fascinated by essential oils and saponification, she opened her artisanal boutique, the Savonnerie du Nebbiu, in the core of the Patrimonio vineyards with her husband Philippe in 2006.

With a love of natural scents and well-done work, the production is entirely artisanal with all the attention and time needed for each step for the good elaboration of the product, sometimes requiring up to 6 months of trials to make sure the recipes would be perfect.
Moreover, the Nebbiu soap factory is involved in various charts: the protection of the Corsican maquis, eco-responsibility and bio-culture for the use of all their oils. 

Find the fragrances of the island of Corsica in their products (elichrysum, honey, citron, myrtle, cistus, Pinus nigra laricio…) for a relaxing moment with Mediterranean touches.



Stéphanie, a Corsican traveler, created the Isula brand in 2007,with her mother’s support, in order to make us travel with her into her world of flavors. Creator of perfumes, she values above all her land, the one where she is born. Corsica is represented  by sweet, woody, strong fragrances in its handcrafted creations.

Isula is divided into two categories:the home and body care, from the ambiance bouquet to the eau de toilette. All the products Stéphanie uses are endemic: clementine, fig, chestnut, ferns…
In 2016, she joins forces with Paolo, a Tuscan in love with Corsica. He also trains himself in perfumery and shares his ideas with Stephanie. Isula Casa et Parfum was inspired by plants, and similar landscapes between Italy and Corsica:

The Mediterranean sea in a bottle, like an invitation to travel…

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