Precious native wines of noble and ancient lineage; tasty high altitude goats’ cheese, marbled with sage; elixir of wild pomegranate, extracted following arcane medieval recipes: these are just some of the more than 130 valuable proposals presented within the project “D.I.A.S.P.O.R.A.”.

The initiative, aimed at supporting the growth and competitiveness of Albanian handicraft realities in rural areas, through the active involvement of the Albanian community in Italy, offers the possibility to know closely and buy directly from the producers many excellences of Albanian handicraft production. For companies, the project provides the opportunity to establish business relationships with the Albanian realities involved, for travelers, the opportunity to learn about an area off the beaten track of mass tourism, an ideal destination for slow travel in contact with nature, traditions and local communities.

  • Direct purchase from local producers

Wines, cheeses, herbal teas, but also fine silk fabrics, artistic ceramics of great elegance, handmade cosmetics 100% organic and natural: there are more than 130 rare proposals of value made by Albanian artisans presented by the project D.I.A.S.P.O.R.A., which can be purchased directly from producers.

  • Travels in Albania

Thousand-year-old traditions, rich and original cuisine, beautiful landscapes: the tourist offer of Albania goes far beyond the seas and beaches of the coastal areas. Particularly fascinating are the inland and rural areas, which preserve an inestimable natural and cultural heritage. Consider Albania as your next travel destination, or as a destination to propose to your travelers (if you represent an agency or a tour operator)!

  • Investments and trade with Albania

Medicinal and aromatic herbs, high quality food products, tourist activities: there are several economic sectors of great interest for foreign investors and all those who want to evaluate business opportunities in Albania. The project provides Italian entrepreneurs with a free service of first orientation.


Phone:+39 339.33.76.951


10128 TORINO (TO)


24 micro and small craft enterprises located in the regions of Malesia e Madhe and Zadrima, in northern Albania, accompanied in a path of acquisition of new skills, endowment with new digital tools and creation of networks and collaborative relationships, nationally and internationally.

Four sectors of activity of the realities involved:

  • agribusiness
  • cosmetics
  • textile
  • artistic craftsmanship

while the value propositions can be traced back to 24 product categories and represent, in total, 132 types of products, including many unique and absolute excellencies.

Responsible tourism is another important strand of the project, which provides for the creation of new itineraries and visiting experiences in the territories involved.

The project is proposed by the Albanian Center, in collaboration with VIS-Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo, with funding from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and donor the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, within the three-year program “Involving the Albanian Diaspora in the Social and Economic Development of Albania”.

Last modified: 29 May 2022
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