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Imagine an oil that makes any dish more virtuous, starting with the mainstays of Ligurian cuisine: from pesto to testaroli, from sardenaria to focaccia, from farinata to minestrone. And yes, even desserts, it’s time to break the taboo and give vent to creativity!

Done? And now that you can imagine the taste of ÖIE, imagine that in Liguria there is someone who every day guarantees an ethical management of the land, the plants, the work.

Well yes, that “someone” exists: it’s APOL, the association of olive growers behind every drop of ÖIE and every single olive, and who makes sure that they are good for all senses and also in all senses.


ÖIE is the result of our short supply chain with a double guarantee: the DOP Riviera Ligure certification and the ISO 22005:08 certification that make the origin and the path of ÖIE oil 100% transparent, from the plant to the packaging.
That’s why it’s good for everyone, including those who work with it.

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16121 Genova (Ge)
  • ÖIE is one of the ways in which we dive “olive” in Ligurian dialect.
    Its plural name includes the many native olives used and the multiplicity of people who, all together, are part of it.
  • ÖIE is a true Ligurian: harsh only in appearance, it hides within itself the tenacity and courage of the guardians of its territory, who preserve the land from the erosion of time and take care of it with balance and without waste, like good Ligurians.

You are in front of a heroic brand, that with its wide and generous mantle welcomes the olives of the whole territory and respects the production, the times, the vintages. ÖIE likes to change over time precisely because it follows nature.

If you look closely, in the packaging you will find the Ligurian soil, its windswept conformation, the passion of olive growers, the laborious but happy harvests and local processing.
We take care of the olives on the tree, we pick them at the right time and we work them immediately, because Ligurian olives can’t be kept waiting, they could get angry!

  • ÖIE means happy olives. So, from Ponente to Levante, the sweetness of Taggiasca becomes suggestive with Pignola and enchanting with Lavagnina, up to the character of Razzola.
  • An oil with the strength of its origins that expresses all the richness of its taste, making every traditional dish – and not only! – that it meets.

It conquers already from the golden yellow color with green reflections, while the smell is felt immediately, it is lightly fruity mostly ripe. If you close your eyes, you will find hints of artichoke and an aftertaste of almond, apple and aromatic herbs. Bitterness and pungency are well balanced, contained and harmonic.

It gives its best on seafood salads, steamed shellfish, grilled fish, baked white meats and fresh cheeses. Ideal for the preparation of Mesciùa, the typical soup of La Spezia cuisine, based on spelt and legumes.

  • Choosing ÖIE, you not only put on the table the flavor of our territory and the passion of our olive growers, but you marry with us the desire to succeed, all together. Because together everything runs smoothly, like oil.
  • By choosing ÖIE you can become a true connoisseur of oil and olives, opening the doors of a rich and valuable knowledge contained in the cooperative work of APOL, which has a recognized tasting panel and a staff of technicians and disseminators to deepen your knowledge of olives and oil

Last modified: 27 Jan 2022
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