APOL cooperative Society - Ligurian olive growers supply chain

Imagine an oil that makes any dish more virtuous, starting with the mainstays of Ligurian cuisine: from pesto to testaroli, from sardenaria to focaccia, from farinata to minestrone. And yes, even desserts, it’s time to break the taboo and give vent to creativity!

Done? And now that you can imagine the taste of ÖIE, imagine that in Liguria there is someone who every day guarantees an ethical management of the land, the plants, the work.

Well yes, that “someone” exists: it’s APOL, the association of olive growers behind every drop of ÖIE and every single olive, and who makes sure that they are good for all senses and also in all senses.


ÖIE is the result of our short supply chain with a double guarantee: the DOP Riviera Ligure certification and the ISO 22005:08 certification that make the origin and the path of ÖIE oil 100% transparent, from the plant to the packaging.
That’s why it’s good for everyone, including those who work with it.

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