Since the birth of Apicoltura Torinese in 2016, we have been thinking of ourselves as more than honey producers. Our love for honey has been a formidable push to research and go beyond the limits of our activity. We have felt the need to achieve a deeper knowledge of this product and to share this wisdom with the ones who surround us. Our daily commitment is to give the honey and the bees the care and dedication that they need, and to raise awareness about their value.

Respectful of traditions, but in constant search for technical innovations:

  • we practice organic and nomadic breeding in search of different varieties of Piedmontese honeys
  • our efforts are concentrated on avoiding all the practices that may cause a threat to the health of the bees
  • we reject the use of synthetic acaricides and stimulating nutrition.

The care that we reserve for the animal welfare and the positioning of the apiaries is a guarantee of the purity and genuineness of our honeys and other products.


Phone:+39 3207126971


Via San Francesco d'Assisi, 10 b
10093 Collegno (TO)

We follow every step in the production with care and dedication.

Laying and harvesting the honeycombs in the fields are operations that need to be carried out following the rhythms of the hive, to ensure the health of the family and pure honey.

We extract the honey from the combs using traditional techniques, and then we leave it to rest in our ripeners. After pouring it down in the pots, we let it take its natural shape, liquid or crystalline, without the use of thermal or mechanical treatments that are harmful for our product.

Our organic breeding methods and careful laboratory procedures guarantee a healthy product of the highest quality.

Last modified: 29 May 2022
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