We have chosen beekeeping as an opportunity to live and work in contact with nature. This profession, which in the past was a traditional practice in many families of our valleys, can now offer a valid opportunity to act to create employment, future and beauty.

Val Chisone, where our bees live, is an area that is still intact and rich in biodiversity. Here woods, meadows and flowers are the guarantee for genuine honey and for a choice of educational paths capable of creating culture and ecological awareness. Thanks to the wonderful work of the bees, we produce quality honey in compliance with good technical-production practices. The hives are treated in full harmony with the environment and taking into account the seasonal cycles. Through this choice of sustainable management, we seek ethics and true respect for the ecosystem of which we are part.

The honey extraction operations we carry out in our laboratory allow us to offer a great variety of highly prized and safe honeys. Honeys, such as those from the high mountains, capable of evoking aromas, flavors, strong images of a world and a peasant culture deeply rooted in every conscious consumer.


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alpine high mountain honeys

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Maestri del Gusto di Torino e provincia

Maestri del Gusto di Torino e provincia

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Apicoltura Bee Slow offers you the following products and services:

  • Honey, mountain and alpine honey from the Chisone and Germanasca Valleies
  • Bee nucleus colonies, queen bees and royal beehive cells
  • Beehive products (propolis, pollen, operculum wax, mead)
  • Educational activities designed for schools, summer camps and families
  • Scientific and experimental collaborations


Apicoltura Bee Slow produces high quality honeys every year:

  • Cherry honey
  • Cherry and dandelion honey
  • Spring wildflower honey
  • Acacia honey
  • Summer wildflower honey from the Chisone Valley
  • Chestnut honey
  • Linden honey
  • Alpine flora honey from the Germanasca Valley
  • Rhododendron honey from the Germanasca Valley
  • Forest honeydew honey
  • Mead 2018 (bott. 500 ml, 14,5% vol.)
  • Mead 2019 (bott. 500 ml, 13,5% vol.)
  • Mead 2019 aged in oak barrels (bott. 500 ml, 14,5% vol.)
  • Mead 2020 (bott. 500 ml, 11% vol.)
  • Propolis mother tincture 30% (bott. 20 ml)
  • Propolis hydroalcoholic solution 25% (bott. 30 ml)
  • Fresh pollen 2020

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