Slow Food Presidium

The history of Spigaroli family is deeply linked to food and nature; producing salumi has always been our prerogative for over 150 years.

It all began with great-grandfather Carlo, who was the trusted butcher of Maestro Giuseppe Verdi… Since then, it has been a long time, but we have continued to produce with the same passion and authenticity: our salumi can be considered unique. Our strenght is looking to the past in order to value future that awaits us.

Our salumi are produced using the meat of white and black pigs, these last ones are bred in our farm. Our products are made in a traditional way, which gives them its unique taste. Spigaroli family’s flagship is our products without preservatives.

Culatello di Zibello is our strong point. These culatelli have the branding of the Consorzio of Culatelli di Zibello and of the Slow Food Presidium as our  Spalla Cruda. They are produced only during cold months and seasoned in the ancient cellars of Antica Corte Pallavicina which date back to 1320.

In addition to salumi, we have a selection of cheeses Parmigiano Reggiano, seasoned 24 months, which differ according to the breeding farms, and the wines of our farm.

This is Spigaroli’s world that is a small world of good things, as we love to define it.


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Via Sbrisi, 3
culatello di zibello

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spalla cruda

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