Amorland was born in 2015 from a dream of Massimo Belforte (marketing manager) and Elisa Urbano (forestry engineer) who, after a battle won from Elisa against cancer and the beginning of a new project with the birth of their 3 children, decided to change direction in their life. Looking for a place where to live in contact with nature they found an old small village lost into the forest surrounded from oaks and chestnuts and full of human traditional artifacts (i.e. terracing). Then, they decided to bring it to new life just by realizing a particular and unique kind of farm that doesn’t weight on the nature, but increases biodiversity and the state of health of nature land in that corner of paradise.

Amorland is an AgriEthiCultural Farm, with animals, in particular an ancient black pigs breed, grown free in the forest and gardens with vegetables, herbs and fruits cultivated with practices of Natural and Organic Agricolture, without chemical or mechanized supports.

In Amorland we take care of a wonderful, magic, but also fragile, corner of paradise between the mountains of Aosta Valley, in North West of Italy, doing that we produce tasty and healthy foods with a mix of ancient practices and innovation. Amorland doesn’t want to be a mausoleum just to see or to read about, but an example of living mountain in which humans and nature can live and profitably cooperate.




Fraz. Bonavesse, 7
11020 Arnad (AO)