The AlVelAl association is a holistic and innovative large-scale landscape restoration project in the southeast of Spain based on a 4 Returns (inspirational, social, environmental and financial), 3 Zones, 20 Years philosophy that we share with our allies from the Commonland Foundation. With the Regenerative Agriculture of the soils and the landscape as its central axis, AlVelAl aspires to generate a positive impact on a social, economic, environmental and inspirational level in a field of action that covers 1,000,000. hectares operating in 76 municipalities in 3 provinces and 2 autonomous communities.

To do this, it works on the restoration of the landscape and the assessment, training and implementation of Regenerative Agriculture, the creation of 4 Returns business cases that extend the value chain in the territory for the benefit of producers and helping customers to enjoy tasty, healthy and fair food that is good for them and for the planet. It connects farmers with local restaurants and gastronomic tradition with innovation. It is a project of broad social participation promoting sustainable development to make it attractive for young people to continue living in this region with opportunities for the future in order to stop rural depopulation. 

Among its projects stands out Destination AlVelAl, that we carry out with TUI Care Foundation. A project whose objective is the link between agriculture, gastronomy and tourism; to generate more income for farmers and gastronomes, selling high-quality food to nearby tourist centers and bringing tourists interested in nature and culture to our región. So far, 50 agricultural and gastronomic workshops have been organized, 130 farmers and 60 restaurants are being advised and some manuals have been published, benefitting some 1,750 persons. A sustainable experiential tourism destination is being created counting on a great human, natural, cultural and gastronomic heritage, by restoring the soil and landscape.




Paseo, 1
04825 Chirivel (Almería)

AlVelAl is a project with a holistic vision based on the philosophy of 4 returns, 3 zones, 20 years. A project that combines landscape restoration, regenerative agriculture, culture, gastronomy, tourism and social revitalization for the regeneration and development of a territory that offers opportunities to new generations.

AlVelAl products are the result of the commitment of small organic farmers to the restoration of soil and landscape, through techniques that improve biodiversity, reduce erosion and reduce CO2 emissions. Acquiring AlVelAl products means to defend a fair price for the farmer thanks to short marketing channels, a commitment to the environment and to the development of our villages.

Landscape restoration, a regenerative production and a unique gastronomy to offer the visitor an unforgettable experience.

Last modified: 22 Jan 2022
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