Altura is the first and only company in Valle d’Aosta specialized in freshwater fish smoking. Our first quality products are local and smoked using traditional techniques. Our goal is to rediscover freshwater fish products, which are often undervalued in the mountain’s food offer.

The idea comes from Lorenzo (27) and Edoardo (28), who shared the passion for the mountains and fishing. They wanted to create something new in Valle d’Aosta, a company in line with their vision of a more sustainable future, where local quality products are at the center of peoples shopping habits.

Our fish is farmed exclusively in the cold freshwater of the Italian Alps by small farmers located in Valle d’Aosta and Piedmont. These farmers are selected by us for the quality and sustainability of their products and farming techniques. The slow growth, the use of natural fodder and the low density of the pools, guarantee a lean and tasty flesh and are respectful of the life of the fish.


Phone:+39 3755378364


Via Duca d'Aosta, 56
11029 Verres (AO)