Alor Islands Vanilla is cultivated in the Alor Regency of East Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia. It comes from the variety of Vanilla Planifolia Andrews, introduced to Indonesia over two centuries ago. Over the years Alor Islands Vanilla has become an important source of income for the smallholder farmers and a key driver of the local economy.

The geographical area of the Alor Regency is characterised by volcanic soil.
Long periods of dry weather, combined with coastal and sea breezes throughout the year, create very suitable agro-climatic conditions for the cultivation of vanilla. These factors contribute to the specific aroma and very strong flavour. Alor Islands Vanilla has gained recognition in national and international markets as a product of excellence.

Vanilla farmers in Alor Islands have developed and cultivated the beans of the vanilla plants for generations.
Beans are only picked when ripe and processed using the farmers’ know-how. Processing steps include picking and selecting the pods, washing, sorting by size, withering or wilting, curing, drying in the sun and using bamboo racks, indoors storage for 30-45 days, sorting and grading, and finally storage and packaging.

Formally established in 2012, the producers association of Alor Islands Vanilla, Asosiasi Petani Vanili Kepulauan Alor (APVKA), has a varied group of members that include over 400 farmers, processors, traders and exporters, regional planning and development agencies and cooperatives. APVKA is the official GI Lodger for Alor Islands Vanilla.


The participation of Alor Islands Vanilla to Terra Madre is sponsored by ARISE+ Indonesia, a technical assistance programme funded by the European Union that aims to strengthen the capacity of government institutions and stakeholders on a wide range of areas within international trade, private sector competitiveness and business environment.

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Mr Immanuel Langmau, Chairman, Asosiasi Petani Vanili Kepulauan Alor (APVKA)
Kabupaten Alor (East Nusa Tenggara)