Ice cream is my life. Since the beginning: I was born on the same day my father inaugurated his renewed creamery in Nichelino, near Turin. I spent my childhood in that ice cream shop: in the afternoon I did my homework on the second floor, near the laboratory, and secretly went to the mantecatore – between a problem and a theme – to enjoy a spatula of fior di latte.

If you grow up like that, you love ice cream. And it’s a love that you want to transmit, doing things well. I like ice cream to be simple, with few ingredients, good. I like it sweet, fresh and creamy, like the one of my childhood spent immersed in the smell of milk. I use only raw materials that I personally visit when I travel around Italy, drawing in particular from the treasure of the Slow Food Presidia. I always go to the fields, to the laboratories, to see with my own eyes where the fruits grow, where the products are made.

Since that childhood in my father’s store, many things have changed: I met my wife Alessia; with her and a close-knit team we opened the first store in Turin, the one in Corso Vittorio, then three more in the city, one in Milan, one in Alassio, Liguria and one in Alba, in the province of Cuneo.

But in recent years has not changed the passion and care that we put into making our ice cream. On the contrary: the search for excellence has become a permanent challenge. Now as then we do not use anything that is not necessary: good things are simple. It’s enough to make them with love.



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