“Wheat comes from the land, but grows through man’s dreaming, for only dreams make things real”. This Hindu adage fits perfectly the Agugiaro&Figna filosophy, whose history is a complex plot with many links and deep roots, always engaged in environmental and human values.

Agugiaro&Figna arose from the union of two ancient milling family in 2003: Molino Agugiaro, founded in 1831 at Curtarolo (PD), and Molino Figna, founded in 1874 at Valera (PR). Since the beginning a shared agreement of respect towards Nature and Land has guided our core  business: to deliver excellent and top-quality flour and mixtures all around the world. Our dream is always to produce a good, clean and fair flour, safeguarding the dignity of persons, workers and the planet. That’s what we are talking about, indeed: there is a profound bond that links food, Earth and our future. That’s our starting point to give value to productive process.

So Terra Madre 2020 is not a stop-over nor a finish line, but a basic part of our business philosophy, history and identity as well: “Our food, our planet, our future”. We believe in a business that respect the workers, the environment and the ecosystem by means of real practises and actions.

How do we realize these goals? We have a Code of ethics, approved by every worker of our company. We have opted for production flow charts characterized by a soft impact: the “gentle grinding” respect the grain and its properties. Our mill uses a patented system of combined grinding, in order to preserve the full complex taste of wheat varieties and to obtain a flour that is at the same time rustic and fine, genuine and delicate. Besides, we care for security at work and  food safety, certified by the standards ISO 22005 and FSSC 22000.

Sustainability and safeguard of biodiversity are integral value of our business. Within November 2021, we planned to plant a 13 hectares of woodland and 3 ha of popplar wood – about 2000 trees – in order to neutralise our CO2 emission and stay in balance.

Our brands:
Our company is like a big Family: each of us represents a human and professional value which is unique. The same is for our “creatures”, developed in modern and well-equipped labs by prepared food technicians:
Le 5 Stagioni, the wholest range of flours and special flour mixtures for pizza
Alta Cucina & farina, seven different flours and mixtures for professional cooking
Le Sinfonie, seven different flours and mixtures for hand-made pastry-making
Naturkraft, a dried natural yeast for pizza, started twenty years ago mixing flour and water (the only Italian milling yeast)
Faridea, a new brand of special mixtures for the most technical uses
Storie di Farina a casa tua, flours for domestic baking and the amateurs who love to test new recipes


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Via Monte Nero, 111
35010 Curtarolo (PD)