We are in one of the world’s most famous hills, renowned for the riches of the land and its vocation for wine production, and for man’s skilled intervention for the preservation and enhancement of nature’s gifts.
Our vineyards (25 ha of property) are located in the municipalities of Serralunga d’Alba, the biggest part of them close to the winery, in the Fontanafredda subzone and Barolo. Luckyenough to own parcels in two of the best crus of the Barolo DOCG appellation area, Lazzarito and Paiagallo. Smart enough to cultivate them with maximum respect of the soil, without using chemicals and according to the organic farming method rules.

From 1878 we are counts and farmers, between heart and sky, from the roots to wine. From the innovation of 1887 to the firt Barolo in the world in 1890, we are pioner of the evolution of the vines.

Emanuele Alberto Guerrieri, Count of Mirafiore, son of the first King of Italy, founded Casa E. di Mirafiore with his estates in Barolo and Fontanafredda. A noble farmer-entrepreneur, he dedicated himself to wine with an absolutely modern approach and, along with his oenological commitment, spent lots of energy for the community. Under his leadership, production immediately took an innovative turn, with constant attention to the production of quality wines, particularly Barolo. The word of Barolo began to spread, and it became increasingly well-known and Barolo Mirafiore was exported all over the world.

Mirafiore’s current production philosophy is the historical expression of the brand, where innovation is represented by the recovery of the unconditional traditions of the past. We use indigenous yeasts selected from the grapes of our vineyards. Frequent pumping long periods of “submerged cap” maceration, large oak barrels and concrete tanks mirror the local winemaking traditions and promote the best conditions for ageing our wines. The grape varieties that represent us now, just as they did all those years ago, are Nebbiolo, Dolcetto Organic and Barbera Organic. Accompanied by the best reds of the Langhe, like our Barolo or  Organic Langhe Rosso Pietra Magica, standing out among the whites, is our Alta Langa Blanc de Noir.

Yesterday as today the guide us tradition, Respect, Comunity, Elegance and Change. Always for us the wine is an element of common good, “never so good, never so great, never so clean”.



Phone:+39 0173626111


Via Alba, 15
12050 Serralunga d'Alba (CN)

Everyday life in the vineyard and in the cellar are the expression of a new and refined vision, where innovation is represented by the recovery of unconditional tradition in Casa E. di Mirafiore

Last modified: 29 Nov 2021
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