This garlic is named after a small village near Paceco, in the province of Trapani.

The outer papery layer of the bulbs is pinkish-white, but the skin of the cloves is a deeper reddish pink. Nùbia red garlic has a significantly higher quantity of allicin than other varieties, giving it a particularly strong flavor.

The garlic is grown by small-scale farmers using manual techniques and no chemicals.
Once harvested, the garlic bulbs are sorted by size and woven into long braids.



Harvested in May and June and dried for consumption throughout the year.


Phone:+39 349 8659474


Comuni di Paceco, Trapani, Erice,Val Elice e Palizzolo.
nùbia red garlic

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Nùbia’s inhabitants have long cultivated the garlic, and Nùbia itself, founded in the 16th century, is known as the “garlic village”.

The Presidium unites six small-scale producers who have founded an association and all follow a strict production protocol, aimed at achieving the best quality and highest level of sustainability, not only in the fields but also in the packaging.

The garlic is rotated with durum wheat, winter melons and legumes. Thanks to the Presidium, Nùbia red garlic is now famous around the world.



Rosalba Gallo, Paceco (Tp), Contrada Nubia, Via Garibaldi 8, Tel. +39 0923 867144 / +39 349 8187150,

Antonino Genovese, Paceco (Tp), Contrada Nubia, Via Dante 41, Tel. +39 0923 1897033 / +39 346 5159021,

Giovanni Manuguerra, Paceco (Tp), Contrada Nubia, Via Garibaldi 2, Tel. +39 0923 867454 /
+39 349 8659474,
– Referente dei produttori del Presidio

Vito Manuguerra, Paceco (Tp), Contrada Nubia, Via Garibaldi 8, Tel. +39 0923 867454 / +39 340 5716653,

Francesca Simonte, Dattilo (Tp), Via I° maggio 27, Tel. +39 329 8367976,
– Coltiva e trasforma l’aglio del Presidio

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