Adan Krayan Rice originates from the Indica subspecies of Oryza sativa, grown and produced by rice farmers in the Krayan Highlands in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

The Krayan region is tucked in a valley surrounded by protected forests and mountains. Visitors find it is very scenic.
Krayan Highlands are located on an altitude of about 1,000 metres above sea level. The soil in Krayan is relatively fertile and sits where in prehistoric times used to be a lake. Without doubt, the unique traditional method of Adan Krayan Rice that has been passed for many generations is inseparable from Krayan’s natural factors.
As a matter of fact, Adan Krayan Rice is not only an agricultural product, but also a cultural one deeply related with the identity itself of the Lundayeh indigenous people of the Krayan Highlands.

For centuries, the Lundayeh people have been producing and consuming Adan Krayan Rice, adopting unique cultivation techniques of the rice fields: clean and clear water flows through bamboo pipes and natural drainage ditches, irrigating the rice fields; local buffaloes are not used for ploughing, instead after harvesting they are released into the fields to forage and to fertilise the soil.
Adan Krayan Rice is planted once a year. Each family in Krayan cultivates between one and five hectares and the planting process is done with considerable effort.

The rice is produced in three varieties – white, red, and black -, and is known for its small grains, smooth texture and delicious taste. It has a high nutritional value in terms of carbohydrate content for the white variety and mineral content for the black variety.


The Adan Krayan Rice Producers Association is known as Asosiasi Masyarakat Adat Perlindungan Beras Adan Krayan and was formally established in 2011. It consists of hundreds of local farmers, traders, and workers who contribute to the various stages of the production, including handling of post-harvesting processes, product quality and control, labelling and traceability. The Producers Association is the official GI lodger of Adan Krayan Rice.

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Mr Henri Simson, Chairman, Asosiasi Masyarakat Adat Perlindungan Beras Adan Krayan
Nunukan Timur (Kalimantan Utara)