Zenzero Candito Biscotteria Naturale (Candied Ginger Natural Bakery) is the brand name for our outstanding traditional organic biscuits.

We make baked goods, biscuits and pastries using Stoneground locally grown heritage grains from Romagna. We use wholemeal and semi-wholemeal flours from non GM grains with a low gluten content. This ensures healthy, natural products that are also suitable for anyone with dietary restrictions.

Our philosophy is based on the idea of excellence in all areas, which can be described as follows: in the organic ingredients we use; in the organic flavour and wholesomeness of the products we make; in the safeguarding of our local economy; in our respect for the environment.

The products Zenzero Candito Biscotteria Naturale are characterized by a true taste and consistency, due to a mix of tradition and innovation where the good of the past meets the good of the future.

The look to the past translates into the choice of ingredients that allow you to perceive the genuine and original flavor of homemade food as in the past. Our confectionery products are born from the exclusive use of ancient grain flours – whole and semiwhole – stone ground, coming from certified organic farms.

At the same time Zenzero Candito Biscotteria Naturale looks to the future through a double lens of material and immaterial values. On the one hand we carry out a constant nutritional research that aims to identify the healthiest and most nutritious ingredients to use in our recipes. This attention has allowed us to create a line of products able to satisfy even the most demanding consumers, such as children, sportsmen and those who suffer from food intolerances. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the products Candied Ginger Natural Biscuit with carefreeness.
On the other hand we try to contribute to human health but also environmental wellbeing, because we are convinced that the only possible future is a sustainable one.




Via Curiel, 8
48025 Riolo Terme (RA)