For four generations the Fois family has been producing excellence in the oil field with passion, respecting tradition, with the awareness that living well means eating well, a healthy lifestyle, in a clean environment.

Alghero is like a treasure chest of gastronomic treasures: Accademia Olearia works in this beautiful area and aims to enhance and disseminate the qualitative, valuable and unique characteristics of the Bosana cultivar, a varietal heritage of Sardinia.

The olive harvest takes place from early October until December, manually or with the use of mechanical facilitators and the transfer to the mill for milling within 12 hours. Accademia Olearia Srl operates in a modern factory built with particular attention to protecting the environment, with a photovoltaic system and use of solid waste from olive processing


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07041 ALGHERO (ss)
italian extra virgin olive oil

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The photos in the gallery tell of a totally artisanal production, dedicated to the splendid nature of our Sardinia. We want to highlight the close relationship with the land and the products that derive from it- organic – naturally processed to seek a unique excellence, fitting one of the areas wildest and most unique of our island.

Our family has been dedicated for generations to the care of olive groves and the production of oil excellence, this is the simple and intuitive philosophy of the Accademia Olearia family.

Last modified: 25 May 2022
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