We have been producing typical Ligurian specialties since 1974.

We produce the traditional Genoese Focaccina, a historical Ligurian specialty: a kind of flat bread, it is very unique because before the final leavening it is brushed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100% Italian), water and salt. After baking it is crispy, crumbly and very tasty.

Our Crispy Focaccia With Seeds is currently a product which is UNIQUE on the bakery’s field (and SEMINA is our trademark).


The Grissino Ligure (Breadstick)

A traditional Ligurian homemade specialty, Grissino is a kind of crispy bread shaped like a stick. This staple food, and not only of Italian cuisine, is perfect to eat with a meal or as a delicious snack.
The Cabras family has been making breadsticks according to its own exclusive recipe, and always by hand, for more than forty years.

Our breadsticks are different from all the others on the market for three simple reasons:

  • the recipe has only a few ingredients: just wheat flour, water, corn starch, salt and yeast
  • we use only high-quality raw materials: all our suppliers comply with strict controls in order to deliver our ingredients
  • we use natural yeast: it’s the natural yeast, jealously safeguarded by the family, that makes the obvious difference with respect to industrial production processes that use only brewer’s yeast. This basic difference not only makes our breadsticks tastier but also lighter.

The main features of our breadstick are lightness, fragrance, crispiness as well as the unique aroma and taste of freshly baked bread.

Making breadsticks is a real art, something handed down from generation to generation: the dough is kneaded for a long time and allowed to stand together with the natural yeast. Then the dough is divided, always by hand, into many smaller pieces and then gently baked.
This is a followed by a second round of baking, called toasting, that makes our breadsticks even crispier and lighter.
Only highly qualified bakers work in our company and very strict controls always guarantee the absolute quality of our homemade products.

We have different types of breadstick recipes:

  • Classic
  • With Water
  • With Sesame
  • Whole Wheat Flour.

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