A journey through the world of coffee

Created by Slow Food
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Coffee is among the most visible themes of this Terra Madre. We're getting to know it from different points of view: video tutorials and market exhibitors.


There are lots of ways to discover coffee with Lavazza, our partner for this digital edition of the event. You can begin exploring through one of the “How It's Made” videos made by Lavazza. You'll discover the secrets of the Neapolital flip pot, and how the drink it producers is less intense than an espresso or a classic stove pot, but which can give surprisingly aromatic results. Or you can explore alternative methods of preparation: what they all have in common is two elements, water and coffee! The variations are almost infinite, from the origin of the beans to its aromatic profile and the level of roasting and grinding. And of course, ways of preparing it. Ever heard of decotion, percolation or infusion? What about cezve, ibrik, Chemex or V60? What aroma do we want?

The Market Exhibitors

Italian roasters

The coffee world tour is enriched thanks to the presence of numerous Italian and international exhibitors, including Pausa Café, whose beans come from producers co-ops in Central America united in Slow Food Presidia, imported directly at a fair price and roasted in Italy.

International products

The Uganda Presidium of Nyasaland Coffee is cultivated between 1260 and 1550 meters together with bananas, cassave, squash, beans, coffee, fruit trees and ginger, all fertilized with animal manure. Great African trees provided shade and nourish the soil with their leaves, in a perfectly agroecological system.

Another delicacy comes from Indonesia: the coffee of Gayo, introduced in the 1930s by the Dutch to satisfy the demand for coffee in Europe. Over the decades coffee has become ever-more important for the development of the region, becoming one of the most important products grown. From the Philippines we have Itogon Arabica Coffee that local people consider a local, traditional activity; the coffee is perfectly-suited to the climatic conditions on the hills of Itogon and the majority of the coffee plants are family-owned and managed.

Coffee machines

Established in 1969, Italian company Astoria develops, designs and manufactures professional coffee machines. These are used by experts and coffee lovers in over 150 countries across the world thanks to an extensive international sales network and affiliated branches in the US, France, Romania and Russia. Learn more about Astoria, Gold Partner of Terra Madre, in our Virutal Showcase.

Lupine Coffee

We also proprose this rare product, which is neither arabica nor robusta… Lupine coffee from Anterivo has a long tradition in this village located in the South Tyrolean mountains. Formerly used as a coffee substitute in hard times, it is now revitalized as a professionally roasted coffee surogate. The unique and particular taste derives from the production exclusively from the native species Lupinus pilosus.