Slow Fish: a campaign for good, clean and fair fish

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Fishing—and therefore the Slow Fish campaign—has been a strategic theme for Slow Food for a long time. In fishing as in agriculture, Slow Food believes that each of us can contribute to channging the globalized food system based on the intensive exploitation of limited resources.

With Slow Fish, the development model we want to promote is based on the involvement of all the stakeholders, the link between the land and the sea, and a more harmonious and responsible use of all available resources, in particular marine resources, in order to ensure the implementation of good practices and traditional techniques which respect the delicate balance of ecosystems.

Slow Fish Caribe

Many of the contributions to this pecular edition of Terra Madre come from the Slow Fish Caribe project, which has delivered both How It’s Made and Food Talk videos. Thanks to this project, we discover the value of Slow Food Presidia like the Black Crab of Providencia and the Blue Crab of Esmeraldas, and how we can take advantage of the climate crisis to serve dishes that traditionally we wouldn’t have imagined possible—by eating invasive species.

The Slow Fish virtual summit

At the Slow Fish virtual summit from March 18-27 you can take part in a virtual meeting with people to discuss the seafood supply chain. Fishers, experts and activists from across North America and the rest of the world who all work to create fairer and more equitable food systems unite, with an interactive program that includes in-depth discussions on critical issues, round tables in the style of the World Café, exchanges of ideas, music, poetry and other ways to connect, collaborate and celebrate!

The Terra Madre Showcase

Take a look at our online showcase and discover the producers and fishers of our network!


Slow Fish Virtual Summit


Lamprey stew

Banco Chinchorro and Sian Ka’an Spiny Lobster

banco chinchorro e sian ka’an, quintana roo, messico


le tour du parc, bretagna, francia