Olives and their oil

Created by Slow Food
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We dedicated an important event to extra virgin olive oil on November 26, the UNESCO international day of the olive.

We undertake a journey across the Mediterranean, an immense olive grove that extends over millions of hectares, one of the defining characteristics of the landscape for millennia. The reason for the extraordinary range of the plant is the tireless work of generations of farmers who’ve spread it far and wide across the Mediterranean basin.

We’ve interviewed producers and activists who work to conserve these landscapes, showing just how numerous and serious the problems we face are. Industrialization, diseases, land grabbing… the list goes on.

Restoring value to the culture of the olive

Conscious of the risks and the problems, Slow Food works to raise public awareness of this important element in our diets, as well as a crop that, over millennia, has profoundly shaped the Mediterranean landscape, becoming one of its most famous and evocative symbols.

For years, Slow Food has had a Presidium for extra virgin olive oil in Italy to restore value to a culture that’s more than just culinary. The olive growers who are part of the Presidium all grow native cultivars of olives without synthetic fertilizers and chemical herbicides. As harvesting olives from ancient plants is harder work than working with young plants, and aiming to avoid the abandonment of the oldest olive groves, the Presidium stipulates that at least 80% of the plants must be at least 100 years old. Finally, the producers must use a narrative label to tell the story of their work, their local area and their plants.

To the same end, Slow Food pulishes the Guide to Extra Virgin Olive Oils (in Italian), a tool we use to restore value to the Italian olive-growing heritage, guiding the reader on a journey across the country via producers, olive varieties and examples of social, economic and environmentla sustainability.

Here we propose an itinerary of business that are present in our virtual showcases, so you can get to know them better, or those that are taking part in our online marketplace , as well as articles and events!

Accademia Olearia

alghero, sardegna, italia

Lunavera - Sebastiano Fadda

oliena, sardegna, italia

Azienda Agricola D'Assisi

casalduni, campania, italia


bitritto, puglia, italia


casoli, abruzzo, italia

Azienda Agricola Il Frantoio

ostuni, puglia, italia

CENTONZE - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

castelvetrano, sicilia, italia

La Cavallina

larciano, toscana, italia

Fratelli Pinna Farm

ittiri, sardegna, italia

Olio Guglielmi

andria, puglia, italia


piedimonte matese, campania, italia

La Contarina

illasi , veneto, italia

La Selvotta

vasto, abruzzo, italia

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

abruzzo, veneto, trentino alto adige, friuli venezia giulia, emilia romagna, liguria, toscana, umbria, lazio, molise, campania, puglia, basilicata, calabria, sicilia, sardegna, it, italia

Quercetano Olive

seravezza, toscana, italia


carovigno, puglia, italia

Podere Ricavo

cetona, toscana, italia


santa luce, toscana, italia


carpino, puglia, italia

VISCONTI - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

torremaggiore, puglia, italia

Zichichi - Agriturismo Don Carlo

c.da ballata – erice, sicilia, italia


martina franca , puglia, italia

Rossano Sweet Olive Community

corigliano rossano, calabria, italia

Conca d'Oro Organic Olive Farm

appignano del tronto, marche, italia

Di Martino Farms

trani, puglia, italia


san dorligo della valle, friuli venezia giulia, italia


gonnosfanadiga, sardegna, italia

Giardini Di Giulio

tocco da casauria, abruzzo, italia


cividale del friuli, friuli venezia giulia, italia

Mia Poesia

cerignola, puglia, italia

Olio Roi

badalucco, liguria, italia

Tenuta Sant'Ilario Pineto

pineto, abruzzo, italia

Terre di Grifonetto

magione, umbria, italia