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Food and health are closely linked. Our choices have an effect not only on our palate, but on our environment, for society and for our health.

Slow Food proposes a diet that follows the prinicples of:

  • good: fresh, seasonal and tasty
  • clean: produced without polluting, transported over short distances
  • fair: respectful of the work of food produers
  • but also Healthy: nutritious, made from ingredients that aren't ultra-processed

Immediate pleasure and future health

The secret to a good, clean, fair and healthy diet is in balancing foods across the week, and spending a little time and attention on what we buy and how we use it in the kitchen. Our choices and food habits, the quality of the food we buy and the lifestyles we lead play a determining role in our health and our life expectancy.

Human health and environmental health

Human health and environmental health are closely linked. A healthy diet based mainly on planted, whole, fresh and grown according to sustainable, organic practices is also a climate-friendly diet.

Three weeks dedicated to the theme of Food and Health, from Conferences and Forums to Food Talks

For three weeks starting from January 30 Terra Madre shines a spotlight on food and health, with names like David Quammen, author of the bestseller Spillover, Sandor Katz, world-renowned guru of fermentation, and Antonia Trichopoulou, regarding the Mediterranean diet and natural food. All the activities in the program are easy to follow using this journey, and after they're published they'll be available forever, forming part of a toolbox on this topic.

A journey among producers

On top of that, we propose an itinerary among producers of our online showcase – of oils, flour, fruit and vegetables, preserves, spices, honeys, and more – that are particularly healthy.

The Food and Health program has been produced thanks to the support of Reale Mutua. The video of Renata Alleva is promoted by Alce Nero.


Visit to an apiary


Turning honey into mead


Artisanal apple molasses

Gollini Pastry Shop

vignola, emilia romagna, italia


san daniele del friuli, friuli venezia giulia, italia

Southern Bahian Cabruca Cacao

ibirapitanga, bahia, brasile

Piemont Cioccolato

torino, piemonte, italia