Bees and honey

Created by Slow Food
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A slow buzz in the air… it’s the bees!

A journey through the apiarian world through videos, showcase and events in the calendar.

In homage to insect – and in particular pollinators – who play a crucial role for the planet, the protection of biodiversity and for agriculture. They’re an integral part of our food system, because the pollinate the crops we grow.

The reproduction of over 80% of wild plant species (around 300,000 species) and 75% of our crops (over 300 species) depends on pollinating insects. The value of this ecosystem service is enormous, estimated to be around €260 billion a year.

Pollen is transported from one flower to another among the same species, making fecundation possible and, as consequence, the growth of fruits and new seeds. This can happen in many ways, but in the majority of cases it’s the incessant work of pollinating insects that makes this possible.

The bees we raise also gift us their precious products: honey, pollen, royal jelly, wax, propolis, all of which have long been used and appreciated by humankind.

Slow Food has an active campaign to save bees. Get involved!


Visit to an apiary


Turning honey into mead

Apicoltura Vallera

cunico, piemonte, italia

Apicoltura Amodeo Carlo

termini imerese, sicilia, italia

Turco Floriano

elva, piemonte, italia

Mielizia - Conapi

monterenzio, emilia romagna, italia

L’Aquila Apennine Honeys

assergi, abruzzo, italia

L’Aquila Apennine Honeys

assergi, abruzzo, italia

Swiss Black Bee

grabs, appenzell, svizzera


san germano chisone, piemonte, italia