Wen Tiejun – Building an ecological civilization

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November 26th at 15:00 in your time zone

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Professor Wen Tiejun, Executive Dean of the Institute of Advanced Studies for Sustainability in Beijing, China, and one of the founding members of the Global University for Sustainability, discusses the enormous threat posed by climate change to the global food supply, and the response to that threat in China from the central government down to the local level.

The key concept here is the idea of an ecological civilization, an alternative model of development to the dominant Western model which has transformed China over the last 20 years. While that Western model sees the countryside as little more than an expendable resource to fuel the growth of cities, the ecological civilization must focus on rural reconstruction, providing social welfare, education and public goods in the countryside in order to prevent the wholesale and irreversible destruction of their ecosystems.

The Food Talks are new and freely accessible format of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto: ten minutes for our guests to explore their thoughts on the world we live in, and the future we want for it. 

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