Tourism, education, people’s well-being: can the crisis be an opportunity?

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Human beings have always been able to benefit from crises and not only get out of them but, by doing so, have always managed to make a leap towards a better future.

From this point of view 2020 can be considered the year zero to redesign new forms and new ways of tourism, education and people’s well-being.

A cycle of three free seminars in collaboration with AGRIeTOUR – National Exhibition of agritourism and rural tourism.


3 p.m. – Sustainability education and local tourism as tools to tell the story of biodiversity and the climate crisis

Coordinated and managed by Slow Food Italy with witnesses from the network of Convivium Gardens, volunteers, producers and actors in Slow Food Travel itineraries.

Coordinator: Giacomo Miola, Slow Food activist and founder of Metafarm


  • Michele Rumiz, Slow Food Travel Project Coordinator
  • Fausto Faggioli, President and co-founder of Earth Academy
  • Luca Caputo, Consultant in destination marketing and co-founder of Social Media Tourism

4 p.m. – Farmhouse and Educational Farm 2030: the new needs and challenges of sustainability

The emergence of new needs and the strategy to get there prepared to offer answers. The needs of the family, the post-pandemic school and the relationship with the “outside”, prospects for new employment in a perspective of services to sustainable development.

Coordinator: Margherita Rizzuto, founder of Agrigiochiamo.


  • Giuseppe Orefice, president of Agrigiochiamo
  • Claudia Bennati, journalist of Terra Nuova and coordinator of the network All another school
  • Christian Mancini, ecologist and biophilia expert, founder of Nature Rock
  • Andrea Paoletti, co-founder of Netural Coop social enterprise and Wonder Grottole social enterprise
  • Conclusions by Ippazio Ferrari – Alsia Basilicata

Edited by Agrigiochiamo didactics and rural communication

5 p.m. – Social agriculture as a phenomenon of resilience

Social agriculture as a response to the rapid changes of our time, starting again from the relationship with the community to overcome the health and climate crisis. Narration of experiences, reactions, coexistence and restart.

Coordinator: Giuseppe Orefice, President Agrigiochiamo


  • Giuliano Ciano, National Coordinator of Social Agriculture Forum
  • Salvatore Stingo, president Agricoltura Capodarco
  • Luigi Pagliaro, Slow Food Italy’s delegate for social agriculture
  • Barbara Telluri, Slow Food Community for the enhancement of social agriculture in southern Etruria

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