The privatization of common goods – South America

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In the South American episode of the relay we focus on the theme of land grabbing and resource grabbing, which represents one of the major threats for local populations, in particular indigenous peoples.

Natural resources are threatened—and are being exhausted—by drought, by the neglect of the West and local governments. The forests are being cut down to provide new pastures for livestock, small, diversified farms are under siege from an industrial agriculture based on corn monocultures and GM soy, and indigenous peoples that have lived and cared for these lands for centuries are being deprived of their rights.

We try to analyze the problem for different points of view to understand what tools we have at hand, and what the most effective responses are to fight back against an agricultural system—as well as a political one—that enriches multinational companies and large landowners while exacerbating the environmental crisis and social injustice. Can agroecology be a solution?

Moderator: Georges Schnyder (Brazil), member of the Executive Committee of Slow Food International


  • Célia Xakriabá, Indigenous Brazilian activist and teacher, working to defend the land and resource rights of indigenous peoples
  • Miguel Altieri, Chilean agronomist and entomologist, Professor of Agroecology at the University of California
  • Virgilio Martinez, chef at the Central restaurant in Lima, Peru, and spokesperson for the defense and promotion of food biodiversity

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