The Mandillo, an international metaphor for sustainability

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Calice Ligure, Italy

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April 17th at 18:00 in your time zone

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The event will tell the story of the Mandillo, a traditional Ligurian item for transporting food and country products.

From an introduction to its history to a practical demonstration of how to use it, from a trip to Japan where the Furoshiki takes up the art of knotting cloth to make gifts to how to make the Mandillo at home, the SFUSO DIFFUSO group will welcome you to this fascinating topic, steeped in tradition and sustainability. With a focus on the zerowaste theme, we will discover how the Mandillo, a disused object, can be a practical answer to a more respectful and sustainable consumption. Participants will be able to join the event remotely by following the live broadcast on SFUSO DIFFUSO – Calice Ligure’s social channels and practise tying knots with us. All they need is a square of fabric measuring around 80×80 cm. “But where do you go if you don’t have the Mandillo?”.

Event organised by the Slow Food Savona Convivium and SFUSO DIFFUSO.

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