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The farmers go back to school


Nizza Monferrato, Italy

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The farmers go back to school

The Condotta di Nizza Monferrato organises five days of lessons, from 12th to 16th October, in the open air classroom of the Orto in Condotta of the Rossignoli Primary School, in Nizza Monferrato. The lessons are held by Farmers and Producers who tell the students about themselves. Each class will develop different topics and get to know the realities of its territory. Classes I and II “The Bees know them to respect them”, Class III “The importance of Wheat”, Class IV “The Apple and everything beautiful it can give us”, Class V “The Vocation of the Peasant, The Hunchbacked Thistle of Nizza Monferrato – tradition of the territory and A BEAUTIFUL HISTORY”.

But what is the “beautiful story”? We are in the 2009/10 school year and the Garden in conduct is starting and the teachers of Class IV develop the project “From the Earth to the Table”. In May they accompany the pupils to sow the thistles while in October they accompany them, now in V, to verify the result of the sowing and to assist to the tying and burying of the thistles. The day ends with a snack based on Bagna Cauda with the hunchback thistles grown by the children. One of the pupils at the time managed to find it. Today he is a CONTADINO, his name is Lorenzo and he will tell his story to Class V. Among what he cultivates is the Nizza Monferrato Hunchback Cardoon and he is a producer of the Consortium and the Presidium.

Event reserved to the classes of the Rossignoli Primary School of Nizza Monferrato

Event realized with the patronage of the City of Nizza Monferrato

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Piemonte - Nizza Monferrato, Scuola Primaria Rossignoli
- Nizza Monferrato (Italy)

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