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The curtain comes down tomorrow, April 30, 2021, on the 13th edition of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, the international festival organized by Slow Food, the City of Turin and the Piedmont Region. The event did not surrender in the face of the Covid-19 emergency; with a great spirit of resilience and revolutionized format it offered 205 days of physical and digital events organized by the Slow Food network and its partners in 75 countries around the world.

“In the face of the social, economic and healthcare crisis caused by the pandemic we wanted to bring our focus back to the root causes of the problem: agricultural biodiversity compromised by human activity, the climate crisis that threatens ecosystems, the inequality at the heart of the our food production and distribution systems. These are all problems that we were well aware of before the pandemic, but that the dominant development model either continues to ignore or refuses to face,” declares Carlo Petrini, President of Slow Food.

“In this situation we’ve decided to turn the spotlight on the solutions, small but revolutionary and effective solutions taken at the local level; solutions which are already in the hands of those communities of farmers, fishers, artisans, cooks, as well as individual citizens who enact change through their conscious choices every day. We’ve been speaking about the need for paradigm shift for a long time, and we’re not the only ones: indeed, these seven months of Terra Madre have given us the opportunity to listen to the voices researchers, academics, philosophers, scientists, economists, as well as the fishers, artisans, herders, fishers, educators who are the backbone of the Terra Madre and Slow Food networks in every angle of the planet. The final picture that this edition of the event gives us, through thousands of hours of activities across five continents, is a lucid vision of these new paradigms. A vision that represents that real ecological transitions demanded by an ever-wider section of society and which cannot be any further delayed.”

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