The Caribbean Sea: fishers, piracy, resources

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The Western Caribbean is characterized by numerous conflicts between industrial trawlers, companies that practice intensive fishing and that are responsible for the progressive reduction of fish stocks because of the tools they use, the amount they catch, and the very concept of fishing as an industry.

Nor should it be forgotten that the Western Caribbean is also a theatre of conflict over fossil fuel resources, where multinational energy companies all have a stake.

Traditionally, however, fishing in this part of the world has always been artisanal, an activity in close proximity to the coasts. Industrial fishing, on the other hand, extends its claws to the deepest sea bed, destroying the reserves that allow artisanal fishing to exist.

In this Food Talk Edgar Jay Stevens describes a situation that we see in many areas of the world, where local communities are threatened and denied their means of subsistence by the economic interests and expansionism of industry.

The Food Talks are a new and freely accessible format of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto: ten minutes for our guests to explore their thoughts on the world we live in, and the future we want for it. The full episode with Edgar Jay Stevens will be released on January 15. This Food Talk is produced as part of the Slow Fish Caribe project. 

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