Gloria McNish – The Black Crab of Providence: the future of a resource

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To understand if we’re treating a resource with sufficient respect, we can ask ourselves the question: will our children and future generations be able to enjoy it? If we overexploit a resource, it’s probable that our descendants won’t ever have access to it. This talk by Gloria McNish concerns the black crab of Providence, but it could equally be applied to salmon, cod, or forests.

Gloria tells us how in Providence people should be thankful to the crab, as it’s thanks to the crab that they’ve supported their families. It’s not just to eat: thanks to the money made from selling crabs they’ve sent their children to school and developed other businesses on the island. But in order to continue, they must approach this precious local resource without greed. They need to respect the crabs’ reproductive cycle, and not harvest too many of them, lest they finish forever.

Gloria McNish is spokesperson for Asocrab-Providence Sweet Black Crab. Together with other crab gatherers she’s a representative of the Slow Food Presidium for Providence Black Crab.

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