Terra Madre Philippines: Tinigib Sinunog Bugas Mais

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February 5th at 16:00 in your time zone

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When you don’t grow coffee beans but want a cup of coffee in Cebu, you look for the Tinigib Sinunog Bugas Mais.

Tinigib Sinunog Bugas Mais is a traditional coffee made from burnt corn flour. The corn variety used to prepare this coffee is the Tinigib Visayan White Corn, an Ark of Taste product. Corn is an important food crop in the Philippines, a staple food of 20% of the Filipino population, primarily in the regions of the Visayas and Mindanao. In Cebu, aside from being a staple food, the Native Visayan White corn is also used as an ingredient in cooking, mostly for desserts and specialty foods, and, of course, roasted to produce this corn drink resembling coffee in flavor.

This event will be a cooking demonstration by Chef Kirsten Leigh Abellana to show participants how to prepare Tinigib Sinunog Bugas Mais, the local coffee substitute. The aim of this event is therefore to show people how to make a healthy coffee with an old process used before the commercial, instant and 3in1 coffees hit the market. The Tinigib Sinunog Bugas Mais aroma is rich, flavorful, delicious and good for the body.

Free digital event. Click here to watch the live broadcast on facebook. Event organized by Aurora Esther B. Perez, Teresa D. Ruelas, Anna Liza Dala and Melissa Lagat.

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