Terra Madre Philippines: Landang-Ube-Saging Budbod

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Cebu, Philippines

February 12th at 16:00 in your time zone

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A cooking demo by Chef Bernice Cecily Yap on how to prepare Landang-Ube-Saging Budbod.

Normally this popular snack would be made with rice, however, as rice is not traditionally grown in Cebu, the chef will use Landang instead. Landang is a processed tapioca product made from native palm flour. The flour used is derived from the inner part of the trunk of the buli or buri palm tree (Corypha elata). The consistency is lumpy and uneven, with a chewy and slippery feeling and bland taste. Landang has the smell of mildly fermented grain and is off-white in color. The production process is done by hand and requires several skilled people and 5-7 days to complete it. One tree will produce about five sacks of finished flour.

The aim of this cooking demo is to show participants an alternative way to use Landang, an Ark of Taste product, to encourage them to use and buy it all year round, and not just during Holy Week. More use means more production, that’s why we need to eat Landang to save this traditonal food.

Free digital event. Click here, to watch the live broadcast on Facebook. Event organized by Aurora Esther B. Perez, Teresa D. Ruelas, Anna Liza Dala and Melissa Lagat.

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