Terra Madre Philippines: Kabog millet churros cooking demo

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Cebu, Philippines

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Wheat is not grown everywhere around the world, however with the globalisation of food, wheat flour recipes, like bread, donuts and even churros have globally entered people’s everyday diet.

The Churros, a traditional Spanish snack, travelled to many countries as the Spanish did, and the wheat flour was most probably imported to prepare these snacks. As an alternative to wheat flour, as wheat is not grown in Cebu, Chef Richard Hao will demonstrate how to make Churros with local Kabog millet, an Ark of Taste product.

Paniki Kabog is the name in Cebuano dialect for what is called paniki in the rest of the Philippines and millet in the other countries. Kabog was a native cereal staple food of Cebuanos long before the Spanish colonizers came into the Philippines, and it is the only known millet existing there. Kabog gets its name from the local word for “bat”, because of its dark brown color and a local legend, according to which bats used to eat it. Every year, locals celebrate the Budbud Kabog Festival on February 10.

Free digital event, click here to watch the live broadcast. Event organized by Aurora Esther B. Perez, Teresa D. Ruelas, Anna Liza Dala and Melissa Lagat.

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