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Terra Madre Philippines: Indigenous Food Festival of the Pala’wan Community


Brooke's Point, Philippines

November 7th at 09:00 in your time zone

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November 8th at 09:00 in your time zone

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November 9th at 09:00 in your time zone

Free event

This event will bring together youth and elders from various Palawan communities in order to learn, experience and share traditional Palawan cuisines in a span of three days.

This event aims to immerse the new generation of Palawan in their culinary heritage and bring them closer to processes and practices, such as biodiversity conservation, and other indigenous knowledge, systems and techniques. The elders will show or introduce various forest foods to the participants, to make them familiar with the physical features, smell, taste, application methods as well as the practices involved in the extraction of these ingredients.This initiative will bring renewed interest in the preservation of natural resources and shape a new mindset, especially within the younger generations of Pala’wan, on the importance of a balanced ecology that can serve as a sustainable source of healthy foods.

The event is limited exclusively to Palawan local communities. For further information, click here. Event organized by NTFP-EP Philippines.

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Event languages: PH

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Philippines - Brooke's Point,
Brgy Amas - Brooke's Point (Philippines)

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