Terra Madre 2020 in Valchiusella


Valchiusa, Italy

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October 17th at 10:00 in your time zone

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A day in Valchiusella for the University Diffusa della Cultura Materiale di Terra Madre

We will welcome Carlo Petrini for l̕̕ inauguration of the University Diffuse of Material Culture of Terra Madre, where the farmer-keeper, l̕ artisan, the restaurateur and l̕ shopkeeper will take the chair to enhance the tradition and l̕ innovation of the same according to the concepts of “good, clean and fair”. They will go to farmsteads to get to know systems of life, economy and understand the right economic recognition of work for a fair relationship between supply and demand. And, again, we will learn how to open the farmsteads to the hospitality of the host-traveller, offering emotions of daily life with practices and flavours that come from afar. We will talk about sustainable projects in this mountain reality to protect naturalistic and human biodiversity by harmoniously combining memory and innovation. Finally, we will meet the Directors to agree on good practices for the good governance of this great human and naturalistic heritage.

Event organized by Slow Food Valchiusella, for information on participation write to Laura Lancerotto

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Piemonte - Valchiusa, Valchiusella
Valchiusa e Traversella - Valchiusa (Italy)

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